A word from the department of health…

I wrote a freedom of information request to the Department of Health asking whether there was outlined protocol in place for doctors/carers regarding sex/intimacy and disability.

I am sharing here the reply I received to my correspondence:

The Department’s Framework for Sexual Health Improvement in England sets out as one of its recommendations that there be more accessible information and support for young people with learning disabilities and for their parents.  This needs to include information about sexuality, abuse and consent and practical information about contraception and safer sex where appropriate.

 The Department is also aware that the Family Planning Association (FPA) works directly with people with learning disabilities in schools and other settings such as supported living accommodation and day centres.  It also facilitates workshops for family carers, as well as training and consultancy for professionals and frontline staff with a range of resources to support people with learning disabilities.

FPA can also provide organisations with expert training and support around sexuality, sex and relationships for people with learning disabilities.

They also provided a link with resources to support people with learning difficulties with sex/intimacy, which you can see here.

As well as a link for organisations looking to have training and support around sex and learning disabilities, available here.

Although there are recommendations regarding sex and learning disability, there are none for disability as a whole or a broad range of disabilities. Also, as you can see, there are no statutory, across the board guidelines or training for health services to administer in depth information about sex/intimacy and disability.

This is why this documentary is so relevant and important to shine a light on issues such as these and hopefully one day there will be statutory training in place.



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