So the rough cut is well under way. I’ve been surviving on pure caffeine adrenaline for the past couple of days just cutting clips and assembling the first cut of the full documentary. It’s finally starting to take some shape towards what the final thing will look like. I can’t wait to share the final cut.

The road to the rough cut hasn’t been without it’s challenges. Firstly finding interviewee’s willing to talk openly and frankly about their sex lives was a tough one. Luckily for me, twitter was invented and helped a lot to find people that are already passionate about the subject. After finding the interviewee’s another challenge presented itself to me- finding the  time to interview them all! Unfortunately this led to couple of my interviewee’s dropping out, which,as you can imagine, was stressful to say the least!  However I’m happy with what I managed to get in the end with  Saleem Juma and Josh Hepple.  Saleem wears many hats as a disability activist,blogger, model and actor. He has been published numerous times, including in Vogue magazine.  He also has the blog ostomy bag swag , where talks about his life living with his disability.  Josh who is a LPC graduate and activist has Cerebral Palsy and has also just written a piece in the guardian about his experiences with Grindr. They shared their experiences with me and added a real personal touch to the documentary.

I also interviewed, sex therapist Sue Newsome, who gave me a real professional insight into the problems/issues surrounding the services available surrounding disability and sex.


Tune in to see the final cut very soon,



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