The interview stage – Introducing…Tuppy Owens


With a successful series of books and founding numerous organisations, calling Tuppy Owens an exceptional lady is an understatement.

Beginning her career as in the zoology field, Tuppy soon found her calling around a subject that she describes as the most basic need in human nature – sex. She found success after publishing the tremendously popular ‘sex maniac’s diary’ before moving on to become one of the founders of the ‘outsiders club’. A club that helps socially and physically disabled people find partners. The club provides a safe, warm and friendly atmosphere for members to find support.

Tuppy has gone on to create the TLC trust, a place where disabled people can find responsible and safe sexual services. The site allows people with disabilities to legally hire sex workers, be they sexual surrogates, escorts, Sexological Bodyworkers, or Tantric and Taoist practitioners.

She has also helped to create SHADA(the Sexual Health and Disability Alliance) which brings together health professionals who work with disabled people to support them in their sexual expression.

Tuppy has been running these organisations for more than 30 years and still continues to do so voluntarily. She continues to pioneer revolutionary ideas to help break the taboo of disability and sexuality as well as improving the services available to them.

Stay tuned for the disability after dark documentary to hear about what Tuppy has to say.